Which restaurants are best to eat in the Calgary market?

By Sarah Clements and Peter RundleCBC News/Radio-Canada reporterSarah ClementsA few weeks ago, I asked the question, “Should I go to ramen or rams?” and everyone, including my sister, who had never eaten ramen before, said no.

In fact, I heard her say, “I just don’t like ramen.

I just don’ like ramens.”

Rams is a classic Chinese noodle dish, which is usually made with pork and beef and has a strong taste of chicken and garlic.

It’s typically served with rice or noodles and garnished with dried fruit.

But the ramen I grew up with was all-beef, so I grew out of that.

When I started living in Calgary, I was really hungry.

I needed to eat and I didn’t like to wait.

I didn’ want to wait because my mom was in the hospital and she’d have to go to work.

I had to eat, but I was so hungry.

So, I just wanted to be as hungry as possible.

Rams was the first thing that came to mind when I came across a ramen place in the city.

I went in, and the owner was very friendly.

I ordered the ramens, and he said, “What kind of ramen?”

I said, “‘Chicken ramen.'”

He said, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I like chicken.’

“He ordered a chicken ramen and he’d also like me to have some rice and some noodles.

I said OK, I’ll give you both, and I had my chicken.

I also had a bowl of noodles.

When I went to take a bite, the noodles were kind of soft.

They looked like they had been stuck in a freezer for a long time.

It looked like I had been eating frozen rice and noodle bowls all day.

He said he’d have some noodles and I’d have the chicken.

I got the chicken and noodles, and it was amazing.

It was so good.

I’d never had chicken ramens before, and they were so good that I’d been eating chicken ramends since I was a little kid.

I ate so much of it.

I’m eating it now.

I’ve had about 20 bowls.

I was in heaven.

I was in total bliss.

I don’ think I ever had anything that was this good.

And I’m so glad I went there.

Ramese Ramen, located at 2900-2901 West 11th Avenue, is a chain of ramens that began in Calgary in 2007 and is owned by a family of Japanese immigrants from India.

(Chris Wattie/CBC)I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where I’ve been so happy.

I love ramen so much.

It brings so much joy to me.

It just feels like home to me, and that’s why I eat it.

I’m a vegetarian, and ramen is a big part of my diet.

But I like to think of it as a healthy meal.

I mean, I’m definitely not a meat eater.

I like eating healthy, but not just a steak.

And that’s where ramen comes in.

I like ramener, ramen noodles and ramens.

It is definitely a meal that’s going to have a lot of meat on it.

That’s my goal.

I want to eat meat.

I have a whole plate full of it at home.

I can eat beef, pork, chicken and beef.

If it’s a really good ramen dish, I can get really full.

But it’s really hard to eat anything else.


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