How to be a great player in football, according to the medical fraternity

The medical fraternity is ready to start a war over the game’s future, with some medical experts arguing that it is already over.

In an article published Monday in the journal Sports Medicine, researchers from The Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison reviewed all of the major studies that examined the effects of head trauma on the brain.

They concluded that, in general, no studies have demonstrated a negative impact of concussion on the player’s brain function.

But the researchers also found that the brains of players with mild or moderate concussions did exhibit brain changes in response to the injury, as did those of players who sustained a mild or severe concussion.

The researchers believe that the players who suffered a concussion during a game did not necessarily recover fully and that they likely suffered other neurological damage.

They also suggested that there could be a need to better understand the neurological and neuropsychological consequences of concussions.

In the article, the researchers suggested that the sport could be better understood if more research was done.

“In order to better identify the neurobiological changes that can be expected following concussion, future studies are needed to assess the neural changes following head trauma in both the acute and chronic stages,” they wrote.

“This study provides the first detailed assessment of the neurocognitive, neuropsychologic and neuropathological consequences after concussion in NFL players.

We find that players with severe head trauma had altered cerebral blood flow, reduced white matter integrity, reduced functional connectivity and altered brain networks.”

The researchers wrote that they found that mild concussions were not associated with altered brain connectivity, while moderate concussive injuries were associated with reduced white and grey matter integrity and increased functional connectivity in brain regions involved in cognitive processes.

In other words, they wrote, players with moderate to severe concussions appeared to have the opposite of what they expected, suggesting that the neurological effects were more variable than what would be expected by chance.

They wrote that more research is needed to identify how the different brain changes can be detected and what specific brain mechanisms might be involved in different types of concussion.

But in their research, the Ohio State researchers did not find evidence that any particular brain area was altered.

The article did not include a review of the brain injuries that had been recorded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Researchers who study concussions also did not provide specific numbers to support their claim.

In a commentary published Monday on the Journal of Neurotrauma, Dr. Paul Z. Smith, associate professor of neurosurgery at the University at Buffalo, wrote that a review is needed, and that he expects to be inundated with calls for studies in the next few months.

The New York Times also reported that other medical experts have weighed in.

Dr. Paul S. Schafer, a neurologist at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School, said the research on the effects on brain activity from concussions is still “very preliminary.”

“I’m not going to be surprised if we find that concussion can lead to damage in some brain areas,” Dr. Schafer wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

“It is the nature of neurodegenerative disease to produce neurodegenesis in brain areas affected by the injury.

We don’t know what happens in those brain areas with a concussion.”

A recent study in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that after a mild concussion, the brains in players who did not have a concussion were not as impaired as those who had suffered a severe concussion, but it did not prove that concussions cause brain damage.

The study also did find that after more severe concussives, there were more abnormalities in the brains, but the authors of the study said it was unclear if the abnormality was related to a concussion or if there was a difference between the players in their brain damage after a concussion.

In any case, the scientists concluded that brain damage can occur after a traumatic brain injury.

The Ohio State study did not address whether or not the injuries would persist after a player is no longer injured, or how long the brain would be affected after a head injury.

“We do not have the definitive answers to these questions,” Dr


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