What if the Rams could have used their first-round pick on a quarterback?

With the Rams currently sitting at 11-7, the team could still use their first round pick on the quarterback.

In a year when the Rams are looking to move on from Jared Goff and Matt Barkley, they could be one of the teams looking to upgrade their quarterback situation.

While the Rams have yet to make a decision on the QB position, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they could use their picks on a passer.

The Rams could look to draft a quarterback with the first overall pick, and would use the first two picks to select the best player available.

That player could then become the starting QB, and the team would have two options.

One option would be to use the pick on another quarterback.

If the Rams were to use their 1st round pick, they would use it on a player like Carson Wentz, who would become the starter.

This would not be a terrible option, as they could give the Rams the chance to move up to select a quarterback, while also giving the team a player to use in the future.

If they choose to go with a QB, the Rams would be looking to add a playmaker who can improve their passing game and take the Rams offense to another level.

This option would also give the team an option to draft an offensive lineman, which is something that they may not be able to do with Wentz.

However, if the team was to trade up and select the Rams first overall selection, it could still move up and draft a QB.

The quarterback option is the more likely option, but there are a few other possibilities.

The Eagles and Jets both have quarterbacks with their first and second round picks.

The Jets would be able use their second round pick to trade down to select one of their quarterbacks, but they would have to give up some draft picks to move down.

The Bills could use the Bills first round selection on a QB and the Eagles would take the Eagles first round.

Both of these picks would give the Eagles a player that they can use in years to come.

The problem with both of these options is that the Bills would have the chance for a draft pick for Wentz if they chose to trade him, while the Jets would have a chance for Wentzman if they choose not to trade.

The second option would give both the Eagles and the Bills a chance to add another player to their offense.

If both of the above options are used, the Eagles could use one of them picks to trade back and grab a player with Wentzman, while Buffalo would be in a position to trade for another quarterback if they decide to trade Wentz and get back one of Wentz’s draft picks.

It would be nice to see the Rams use one or both of their first picks on an offensive tackle or guard.

Both would provide a quality playmaker that the team can use as an option for a future quarterback.

The Bears are a team that could use a pass rusher in the first round, and could use another in the second round, as well.

If Jared Goff were to go to the Rams, the Bears would be one team that the Rams might consider using their first pick on, while they could also use the picks on some offensive linemen and guards.

The Raiders could use both their first two and third round picks on pass rushers and would add another offensive lineman in the process.

If that was the case, the Raiders would be the team looking to take a quarterback.

With the Raiders looking to improve their offense and give their franchise quarterback a chance at playing in Oakland, they should look to add an offensive line, guard, and tackle.

If their goal is to take another quarterback in the draft, then the Rams should look for a quarterback to add to their offensive line.

If not, the offensive line is the easiest of the options to use.

This position could also allow the Rams to add some speed in the middle of their offensive linemen.

The Titans are another team that may use a quarterback in their first three picks, and they would look to do so by using the pick as a trading chip.

If either of the two quarterbacks they selected in the third round of the draft were to be traded, the Titans would have one of two options, and one of those options would be using the Rams 1st and second picks on another QB.

If neither of the picks they selected were used, they have a third option, which would be moving up to draft another QB in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The first option would bring back another QB who could play in Tennessee for a while, while adding another player who would add to the offense.

The other option would allow the Titans to trade in their top draft pick to select another quarterback, and add a player who could be a key component to their future offensive line for years to do while also adding to the depth on the roster.

If these picks were used on a wide receiver, the option


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