How to Get KOPAN RANNEN ON YOUR DICK in a new video


A video released by KOP-AN, the company that produced this video, has now been viewed over 4.2 million times on YouTube.

In the video, the man is shown with a bag of kopans and his pants around his ankles.

“I’ve never had a kopancho, I’ve never been in one,” he says, before showing a picture of himself, and then a man wearing the same kopAN.

The video, which was posted to YouTube in January, has been viewed more than 9 million times.

Kopanchos are Japanese ramen noodles that are usually topped with toppings, and are sold as a hot-pot item, a soup dish, or a noodle-like dish.

A hot-and-heavy dish, the kopanz are usually served with a side of rice or noodles, which can be filled with meat or veggies.

To prepare the kobachi ramen, you can boil water and place it in a pot, or use a bowl that is covered with a lid.

Once the water boils, you add a few spoonfuls of ramen to the water and cover it with the lid.

When the broth boils, the ramen cooks for about 15 minutes, and the noodles are left to sit in the broth for about 20 minutes.

At this point, you need to stir the noodles.

After the ramens noodles are cooked, you use a spoon to pour them out onto a plate, and serve them.

If you prefer a hot dish, you’ll need to heat the ramened broth with a stick of butter, add some seasoning and then add the kobechi ramen.

This dish is often served with ramen soup, or noodles in a bowl.

It can be served with noodles in one bowl or soup in a separate bowl.


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