Ram 1500 rebels, rebels in Ramallah ‘killed’ by Israeli troops

Ramallah, West Bank—A Palestinian protester stands on a road in the village of al-Ras, south of Ramallah.

An Israeli tank is on the other side of the road, in the same area where a group of Palestinians had gathered to protest the death of one of their brothers earlier this month.

“I am afraid of being killed by Israeli forces,” the protester said.

He has been a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization since 2000, and has been participating in the ongoing Palestinian protests against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

“It’s an occupation that has been going on for years, and they are killing us every day,” the protestor said.

Israeli police have killed at least 17 Palestinians in clashes with Palestinian protesters, including one of the protesters who was killed, according to Palestinian and Israeli rights groups.

The Palestinian activist said he has been protesting for more than two years against the killings of two brothers, Mohammad Shoukri and Fadi Mohammed, who were shot dead in the West Jerusalem neighborhood of al-‘Aqsa on April 6.

Shoukri, 24, and Mohammed, 18, were shot after they tried to break through Israeli checkpoints and confront police who had arrested two of their friends and a settler.

The Palestinian activist, who is not affiliated with the PLO, said the shooting of the two brothers and Mohammed was retaliation for his peaceful protest.

Israel has not responded to the killing of the brothers by the Israeli public, who are generally supportive of the Palestinian cause.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deaths of Shoukrieh and Mohammed were the result of Israeli police attacks on Palestinians.

The killing of Shikri and Mohammed comes as Palestinians and Israeli authorities have been struggling to negotiate a ceasefire agreement between the two sides that would allow for the return of all Palestinians who are in Israeli prisons and return them to their homes.

In a report released Thursday, Human Rights Watch said that Israel had killed more than 400 Palestinians since 2009, and that Israel was using excessive force against Palestinians.

It also criticized the Israeli government for its failure to stop the killings.

“Israel has killed more Palestinians than any other country in the world,” said Nadim Houry, the HRW researcher.

“They are not just killing civilians, they are also using excessive violence against them.

I call on all parties to stop killing Palestinians.”


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