The best ramen noodle recipes from the best ramens from around the world, including new ramen stadium

You’ve heard the phrase “a bowl of ramen” before, and you’ve probably eaten it before.

But when it comes to ramen ramen bowls, it’s almost always the best of the best.

From the best-known to the less-known, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top-rated ramen bowl recipes from around all of the world’s noodle houses.

Here are the 10 best ramEN bowls: 1.

Noodle King by Baozhi – Best Ramen Bowl Recipe: Chicken noodle soup The NoodleKing was one of the first ramen shops in China.

It opened in Shanghai in 2003 and quickly gained a following in the country’s fast-growing urban center. 

It has since expanded to a number of other cities and has now opened a branch in New York City. 


Tetsuya Nomura’s Cantonese ramen Cantonese is one of China’s two official languages.

Nomura opened his first ramEN restaurant in Tokyo in 2010.

He is considered to be the first modern ramEN chef, with his own ramEN restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. 


Noodles By Shigetoshi Nakamura – Best of the Best RamEN Bowl Recipe : Hakka ramen Haka ramen is a ramen soup made with rice and pork.

It’s also known as “Kanpai ramen.” 


Noodles King by Yuzu Yuzu Nakamura, who is best known for his ramEN, opened his own noodle shop in Japan in 2014.

His ramENs are all different, but the noodle he started in 2011 has become one of Japan’s best-rated brands.


Niihara by Nishi Nakamura Nishi Nakamai, also known by his Japanese name, Nishi, opened up a ramEN shop in Tokyo’s Shibuya district in 2003.

His noodle shops are all about ramEN ramen.


Ramen-Yoga by Masaharu Nakamura is a brand that specializes in ramEN and the Noodle-King’s noodles.

His Ramen-yoga is an extensive range of ramEN noodles, including ramen-yu.


Noda’s  Noda, a ramENS restaurant chain, opened in Tokyo back in 2009.

It is considered one of Tokyo’s top ramEN places.


Nihon Noodle Restaurant Nihon is one the largest ramEN noodle chain in Japan.

It has more than 30 restaurants and has been ranked as the top ramENS in Japan by several media outlets.


Soba-Machi Ramen  Soba-machi Ramens is one ramEN soup restaurant in Japan, and it is known for its ramEN. 


Baozha’s Baazhi is a Japanese ramEN brand that has been featured in The New York Times as one of five best ramENS restaurants in the world.

The restaurant chain has over 60 ramEN eateries in Japan and has an extensive ramEN menu.


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