‘Dodge Ram’: The first SUV to use the new driverless car concept

Posted October 08, 2020 08:15:30A new technology that will allow the vehicle to “learn” from its surroundings has been unveiled in Australia, and is the first SUV designed to “relearn” its own behaviour after hitting a barrier or other obstacle.

The concept, known as a “Dodge Car”, was unveiled at the Adelaide Auto Show this week, and will be launched on Australian roads this year.

The car’s driver-assistance system is a driver-based adaptive cruise control system that uses radar sensors to detect obstacles, and a computer system to respond accordingly.

It is a “learning vehicle” that will “learn to anticipate” when it has collided with other vehicles, and then will act accordingly.

It can even “learn itself” to avoid collisions.

The system will also be able to automatically adjust its path to avoid a collision with an obstacle, such as a pedestrian crossing a road.

“When you hit a barrier, the system will adjust its trajectory to avoid the collision,” said John Riddle, the director of product at the automotive consultancy Arup.

“When you don’t, the car will react automatically to the obstacle.”

“It’s like an autonomous robot in a car.

It has no reaction to obstacles, it just acts based on its knowledge of what’s ahead,” Mr Riddle said.

“It is like a driverless vehicle.”‘

I’m really excited’: The ‘Dune’ concept from the ‘Dunkirk’ series article Posted September 30, 2020 07:07:11Australian car designer John Riddles has created a concept vehicle called the “Dune” concept that looks like an old-school “Dunku” concept vehicle, with the same futuristic look, with a futuristic suspension and other elements.

The company behind the concept, the design studio Pritchett, said in a statement that it was inspired by the original movie “Dinosaurs of New York” in the 1980s, and the films “Duke Nukem” and “The Matrix”.

“It is an exciting time for Australian automotive design,” the statement said.

“We’re really excited to work with a global automotive innovation leader like Dodge to create this next generation vehicle that is unique to Australia and the world.”

“The ‘Dakota’ concept vehicle is a true evolution of the iconic ‘Dinoceros’ concept that has been used in films, TV and video games for decades,” it added.

The “Dakoto” concept is set to be a hit, and Dodge has been making a number of vehicles based on the film.

The Australian car industry is “very big” and Dodge plans to build an “industry standard” vehicle.

“I’m very happy to work on the new Dodge Ram in a world that is changing so rapidly,” Mr Diddley said.


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