Ramen ya: A new food, drink, and art show is coming to New York City

Ramen Ya is an art show and food show taking place in New York’s Chinatown, and you can expect it to feature a ton of food and drinks, as well as art.

The show is slated to begin on October 5th, but organizers have put up a list of events that they hope will keep you occupied through the month.

In a press release, the organizers wrote, “Ramen ya is a food and drink show that brings together foodies and foodies’ friends to explore the intersection of food, art, culture, art history, food culture, and community in New England.

Ramen yas purpose is to present new and exciting food and beverage concepts, along with a range of food/drink related art.”

You can expect to see food and cocktails from chefs like Tom Sietsema, Daniel G. Levesque, and Tom Heston, and food trucks from New York-based Chef Yvonne Mertz, as the show’s organizers put it.

They also have a food truck that will be parked outside of the show, and an art space with a mural and an interactive table.

The art space is called “Chinatown”, and it is curated by the Chinese American Association of New York, and will include work by a wide range of artists.

You can view more of the art space and other shows on their website.

Ramy, a new food and art festival for people of color, will also be taking place across the country in October, as part of the annual Chinese American Film Festival.

You should check it out if you are in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut, as Ramy will be taking over several spaces in downtown New York.

Check out the list of shows and more information about the festival on their site.


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