How to cook chicken and pork for a festive Thanksgiving feast

Brittany Ramos, the chef behind Chicken Ramen, is giving Thanksgiving a big makeover with her new Thanksgiving dinner.

Ramos opened up the restaurant in August and said she wanted to give people something to do and something to celebrate with.

“My mom and dad cooked at our house for so long.

They made us a turkey and it was great,” Ramos said.

“And when we brought it back home, it was a big deal.”

Ramos’ chicken is made from ground chicken breast, chicken broth, soy sauce, sugar and salt.

The meat is then cooked until it’s tender, and served with gravy, mashed potatoes and a side of cranberries.

Ramos said she’s hoping people will try the Thanksgiving dinner as a holiday gift, but also think about why they should.

“I think people are going to really love the fact that they can do something to say thanks for everything we’ve had,” Ramo said.

“People don’t think of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.

And when we eat this Thanksgiving dinner, we’re doing it for ourselves.

We’re celebrating ourselves, and that’s what Thanksgiving is about.”

Ramos has created a special Thanksgiving dinner menu for the restaurant to give everyone something to choose from, including the chicken, beef and turkey, and pork dishes.

The menu will also include two desserts, including pumpkin pie, and a Thanksgiving-themed drink.

Ramots is opening her restaurant in two phases, with the first coming in September, the second in December and the third in January.

Ramones said the restaurant will open in its current location in the neighborhood of Park City, Utah.

“The main goal is to have Thanksgiving dinner,” Rams said.

Ramoses’ mother is a vegetarian, so Ramos hopes that the restaurant’s vegan menu will appeal to a wider demographic.

Ramoes said her family also eats a lot of gluten-free food, so she hopes to bring that to the table.

“If I can’t feed my family vegan, then I will try to feed my kids vegan,” Ramoes told News24.

Ramones said that the idea for the dinner comes from her grandmother who had a lot to say about the holiday.

“We don’t really think about Thanksgiving Thanksgiving anymore,” Ramones explained.

“I want people to feel good and have a great time and be thankful for all of this food and food, all of the food they’ve grown up eating.”

Ramoses said she thinks the idea of a Thanksgiving dinner is an important one for her family.

“There are people out there that have the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with me,” Ramoses said.


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