Japan’s Newest Ram Power Wagon: It’s Powered by a 700hp Diesel Engine and the Best Engine in the World

This week on the podcast, we are joined by a team of experts to talk about the newest ram power wagon.

They include: Nelson B. Williams, a member of the Ram Powerwagon Engineering Team Nico Rosario, an award winning ram power car builder who built the Ram B.A.S.E. and the Mazda MX-5 Ram 1500R. 

 Dwayne Tull, owner of Ram Power, a company that produces Ram power and diesel engines and has been designing and manufacturing ram power since the early 1970s. 

We also talk to the creator of the new Ram Power wagon, Nelson B. Williams, and Nico Rosario about what the new ram power engine is all about and how he created the best ram power vehicle he could build.

And if you are just tuning into the podcast to hear the stories behind the world’s ram power vehicles, here is a sneak peak at the latest Ram Power podcast.

The Ram Power Engine We’re going to start off the show with a look at the Ram power engine, the engine that powers the Ram 1500. 

The Ram 1500 is a truck, and it’s powered by a 7.5L V6 engine that produces over 750hp and over 750lb-ft of torque. 


But what exactly is this engine? 

The engine is actually a diesel engine.

The diesel engine is a diesel that has a fuel mixture that is more like a diesel fuel, but the fuel is still diesel.

It’s the fuel that is mixed in with the oil and then the air is blown into the cylinder.

The fuel mixture is different than the gasoline that you get in most cars. 

But the engine in the Ram is very different from the engines in the likes of the Ford F-150 and Toyota Land Cruiser.

The engine in Ram is more akin to the Toyota Land Cruisers than it is to the Ford or Ford Fusions.

The new Ram 1500 engine is a hybrid, but this is not the most powerful diesel engine we have seen. 

Instead, the new Ram 1500 engine uses a hybrid between a naturally aspirated gasoline engine and an air-cooled diesel engine that have been modified to run at higher than normal pressures. 

So the new Ram 1500 will be powered by an air-cooler, but it will be a hybrid. 

And that is what makes it so much different from anything else in the truck market. 

In the ram power truck, the combined power of the two engines makes the truck go. 

When the diesel engine makes more power than the air-fueled one, the diesel gets the extra boost and the air gets more of the power.

This is called thrust. 

This result in the ram truck being able to accelerate faster, more smoothly, and with less drag, which in turn allows it to do a lot more. 

That said, the Ram truck is not designed to be used on roads.

It is intended to be driven off the road on the highway. 

With the Ram engine, we have the engine combination that will be the primary power source for the ram. 

If you look at it like a conventional diesel, you would have a mixture of two fuel types that is designed to work together. 

There is a hybrid of diesel and gasoline that is actually an air and liquid mixture. 

These two types of fuel combine to form a hybrid engine. 

Here is the hybrid in action It is a combination of a diesel and a hybrid mixture.

The hybrid engine is called a “combined engine.” 

Here you can see the hybrid engine. 

It has a dual cylinder engine, which is designed with a turbocharger to run the mixture at high speeds. 

Another thing about a hybrid is that the hybrid engine can run on any type of gasoline that comes on the market.

It can be diesel, gasoline, or even a combination that combines both. 

You can even have a hybrid that can run the diesel on gasoline. 

While diesel is not used on a lot of Ram trucks today, the hybrid diesel is. 

Diesel is a fuel that has been modified in a way that allows it with high fuel economy and low emissions to run on most gasoline vehicles. 

Its the best of both worlds. 

Ram trucks are being used on the roads around the world to the point that the Ram name has become synonymous with diesel. 

I remember seeing a Ram Power advertisement on the side of a truck back in the day.

It had the image of the ram being powered by the diesel engines. 

Nowadays, Ram is synonymous with hybrid engines.

You can find them in everything from vans and SUVs to big trucks and trucks. 


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