A new, faster Ram van: It’s cheaper than a car, faster than a taxi, cheaper than an Uber or Lyft…

A new new Ram van has been launched in Jerusalem and it’s cheaper to rent in Jerusalem than in other parts of the country, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The Ram van, which is based on the Ram 1500, is currently on display in the Old City.

The company said the new van is the first in the country to be built in the Israeli city.

Ram and Ram trucks have been the mainstay of Israel’s streets since the beginning of the state’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The new van, however, is the Ram 2500, which the company said has a longer wheelbase.

“Our aim is to be the first to introduce the Ram 2000,” said Avi Gavron, a Ram van sales manager.

The New Ram vans are expected to hit the market this year, after a deal with Israel’s National Highways Authority was finalized.

The first Ram van will arrive in the southern Israeli city of Haifa in 2019.

A new version of the Ram van is expected to be unveiled in 2020, and then in 2021.

The current Ram 2500 is also expected to arrive by 2021.

Ram has a long history of being a popular alternative to traditional car ownership in Israel.

The ram van is one of several vehicles the company plans to introduce in Israel, including a pickup truck, a minivan and a pickup wagon.

Ram was founded in 1967 by the late Rabbi Moshe N. Ram, who envisioned a car for the world that was not just a vehicle for driving but also for living.

Ram’s first truck was the Ram 3000, which was the first of its kind.

Ram also began to manufacture its own pickups and SUVs in the 1970s, and it has sold nearly a million vehicles worldwide.

Ram vehicles are built on a production line in Israel’s southern Negev desert, where it is based.

Ram is known for its rugged design and durability.

The brand also owns a variety of other vehicles, including the Landcruiser, which has been sold in China since 1999.

Ram started building its own pickup trucks and SUVS in the 1980s.

Ram currently has about 30 trucks in Israel and more than 1,000 in the United States.


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